Coworker Fund launches its first grant program

Microgrants now available for workers seeking to improve the tech workplace

Back in September we noted that labor support organization Coworker launched a sister 501c4 organization, the Solidarity Fund by Coworker, which would "(help) groups of workers raise and distribute money, form effective workplace committees, and experiment with mutual aid and organized advocacy to make changes inside their companies and industries." At the time the fund was only accepting contributions, not yet making donations, however that's changed as of this week. The fund has just announced its first program: a $2500 microgrant initiative available to U.S. workers in the tech industry who are seeking to improve the workplace.

From the application page:

Are you fighting for a better workplace? We want to help. If you work in the tech industry and are taking action to improve your workplace through individual or collective activism, you may qualify for a $2,500 cash stipend to support workplace change.

It's relevant to note some of the details about the program, which is broader than it might initially appear:

- The grants are available to both current and former workers, implying that people who have been laid off, for any reason, could also apply.

- The grants are available to any worker in the tech industry, "regardless of job function", which strongly implies that service workers, contractors, temps, and vendors are all eligible. So for example, a microkitchen restocking contractor or food service worker who works in a Google office would be eligible, if that person is active in some way to support workplace organizing.

Applying for one of the grants requires only an intake form followed by a single 30-minute interview. Recipients must be U.S. citizens, which unfortunately probably rules out the potential for undocumented workers to access the funds. Full details are available on the application page at

The fund is also still open for donations, so if your financial stability is pretty solid right now and you'd like to help people who aren't as lucky, the contributions page is at

- Bruce


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