Kapor Center webinar: "Weaponizing Data, Surveillance, and Misogyny in CS and Tech"

Scheduled for Thursday June 17 at 2 PM PDT

The Kapor Center, a social impact nonprofit, is hosting the next webinar in its ongoing "Reconstructing Just CSed and Tech Spaces" series on June 17. Previous webinars have included “Anti-Blackness & Racism in CS & Tech” held in April, and "Do You See it Now? Tech’s Role in Upholding White Supremacy" in January. Panelists for the June webinar include Aerica Shimizu Banks, who was in the news last year when she accused her former employer, Pinterest, of racism, discrimination, and retaliation. Below is some information about the upcoming event.

- Bruce


What: "Weaponizing Data, Surveillance, and Misogyny in CS and Tech"
When: June 17, 2 PM PDT
To sign up: https://reconstructingjustcsedandtech.splashthat.com

In this series we will take a regular look at many of the issues impacting computer science education and tech. We will offer insight and perspectives to racism, inclusion, equity, bias, and research in computer science education and technology... 

In the third webinar, our panelists will speak about the experiences, perceptions, and thoughts about how data and surveillance are weaponized against oppressed and marginalized groups of people. They will discuss misogyny in tech spaces, racists algorithms, and racism in CS and tech, and share their work around racial equity, data, and surveillance CSed and tech.

Panelists include:
Aerica Shimizu Banks
Sydette Harry
Chris Gillard
Brandeis Marshall
Shireen Mitchell
Bill Fitzgerald


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