Logic Magazine launches "Logic School": a 12-week program to build tech activist bench strength

Applications are open through Dec. 22

Logic Magazine, which publishes articles on the social impact of technology, recently announced "Logic School", a 12-week training and education program which they describe as "an online, experimental school for tech workers". The program has several information documents available online that offer more details.

Main landing page and FAQ: school.logicmag.io
Program details page: school.logicmag.io/program-details
Application: logicschool.formstack.com/forms/logic_school

Some extracts from the program details page:
Inspired by the work of numerous community organizations and worker movements, we believe there is a strong desire for a more critical, interdisciplinary approach to technology among tech workers.

Top-down corporate policies are incapable of promoting real change within tech. Logic School’s curriculum gives tech workers the tools and knowledge to transform the industry from below. [...]

What will I learn by the end of 12 weeks?
- Be comfortable discussing structural inequities, and if/when tech has deepened structural inequities with your community, co-workers and the broader public.
- Gain hands-on experience in advocating for change in tech through working towards a Logic School final project.
- Have reflected on your theory of change, and who your community is.
- Feel confident in advocating and articulating (through writing or other forms) inequities in tech.
- Be familiar and knowledgeable about a range of writing and research on tech and the tech industry, especially from the fields of critical race theory, economics and sociology.
- Be part of a supportive network and community in the tech industry who you can seek advice and encouragement from in the future, especially in discussing race/ethnicity/gender/sexuality/nationality/class across the industry’s internal and external practices.
- Be part of strengthening and building forms of collective action that will solidify into new practices and infrastructures throughout the industry.


Here's some additional information from the FAQ:

Logic School’s theme of creative protest will allow us to cover issues of justice in tech through a multitude of approaches — whether it’s organizing in the workplace, contributing to an existing data visualization project or worker-owned platform, or building a new platform to nurture creative activism. Participants will work towards a final project as part of the program. Logic School meets for a live, two-hour session each week. Before a session, participants are expected to complete self-guided work: listening, reading, reflecting, and making progress on their final projects.

Logic School is presently open for applications, through December 22. The program itself runs from March 8 until May 31, 2021.

- Bruce

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