New anti-militarization coalition invites tech workers to join its kickoff meeting on May 21

"Demilitarize US to Palestine" initiative includes both secular and religious nonprofits

The recently-launched coalition "Demilitarize US to Palestine", which self-describes as "a national network of individuals and grassroots organizations that seeks to end state violence and police militarization in the U.S. and Palestine", has announced its kickoff meeting and webinar for Friday May 21 at 9 AM pacific, noon eastern. The event is open to all, however the organizers have also released a flier for tech workers which notes that the event will host a tech-specific breakout room "for tech workers to coordinate, strategize, share knowledge, and build tech worker power against Israeli apartheid."

Coalition members include multiple established nonprofits, including Jewish Voice for Peace, Christian Palestinian rights group FOSNA/Friends of Sabeel, and the social and economic justice organization Project South. Additional members include Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions; the Black Alliance for Peace; Carceral Tech Resistance Network; the DSA BDS and Palestine Solidarity Working Group; National Students for Justice in Palestine; the Palestinian Youth Movement; RAIA; the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, and World Without War. 

The coalition's Twitter account and domain name were both created in December 2020, and the May 21 forum appears to be the group's first public event. The Twitter announcement notes that featured speakers will include Olivia Pace of DSA, Eran Efrati of Jewish Voice for Peace, and Ajamu Dillahunt of Black Workers for Justice.

Here's a collection of relevant links, with some text extracts from the invites:

Event registration, May 21, 9 AM PT, noon ET:

Twitter event announcement:
Calling all local campaigns committed to demilitarization, abolition and Palestinian freedom: come to our Network Launch Event to hear movement success stories and learn how our network can support your work!

Demilitarize US to Palestine, web site:
On Twitter: @demilitarizeu2p

Event calendar:
Save the date for our launch event on Friday, May 21. You'll hear from organizers and researchers with experience in Demilitarize campaigns and learn how to plug in to this network. You'll also receive an invitation to our internal monthly calls at this event. 

Event info flier for tech workers:


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