Tech and Social Justice meetup to feature No Tech for Tyrants campaign at June 9 event

Careful Industries, a London-based group that promotes community design of equitable technologies, is hosting the third in a series of online meetups on June 9, 2021. Although the group is based in the UK, the meetup event time will be in the early evening in Europe, which conveniently puts it during daylight hours for all U.S. timezones. The June 9 event will feature a presentation by No Tech for Tyrants, a student-founded UK-based organization that seeks to "sever the links between higher education, violent technology, and hostile immigration environments."

Some extracts from the Eventbrite signup page for the event appear below. The meeting starts on Wednesday June 9 at 9:30 AM U.S. pacific time, 5:30 PM in London (BST). Attendance is limited, and you must sign up in advance to attend.

- Bruce

Tech and Social Justice Meet-Up: No Tech for Tyrants Edition

Join us for a short talk from No Tech for Tyrants about their campaign against violent tech, followed by informal small group conversations...

This time we're joined by Yadira Sánchez from student-led research and campaign group No Tech for Tyrants to discuss their work, before we split into small groups for informal conversation.

The small group discussion topics will build on some of the themes we hear about from No Tech for Tyrants, including the use of tech in oppressing migrant communities, and how tech researchers can resist the use of their research for and by oppressive regimes and organisations.... 


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