The CWA Netroots Nation talk is now available to watch

“Game Changer: Tech Workers Organizing for Justice”

Tech labor organizing effort CWA-CODE hosted a panel discussion in mid-August for the annual Netroots Nation conference, which was held exclusively online this year. The panel, titled “Game Changer: Tech Workers Organizing for Justice”, is now available online as a quasi-private (unlisted) video on Youtube. The panelists are Parul Koul, a Google SWE; Cherry Murphy of Gig Workers Rising, and Devan Soyka of Voltage Organized Workers, the Voltage game writers solidarity union.

Here’s the URL, which Substack will generally treat as a video embed, plus the descriptive blurb from Youtube:

“Over the past few years, tech and game workers have been joining together to question the role that their companies are playing in covering up sexual harassment and gender inequity, enabling white supremacy, promoting economic inequality, advancing surveillance capitalism, suppressing free speech, and accelerating climate change. They are demanding a voice in the workplace and debating the best way to create lasting change. At the same time, there has been a renewed focus on the concentration of power in the industry among a few tech giants. On this panel, workers will discuss the tactics they've used to gain power, and the next steps for their movement. This panel is sponsored by the Communication Workers of America.”


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